0.7.3 (201x-xx-xx)




Fixed Bugs

  • #140: excludeTablesgetDiffOfModelAgainstModel is not passing excludeTables correctly (patch by Jason Michalski)
  • #72: Regression against issue #38, migrate drops engine reference (patch by asuffield@gmail.com)
  • #154: versioning/schema.py imports deprecated sqlalchemy.exceptions (patch by Alex Favaro)
  • fix deprecation warning using MetaData.reflect instead of reflect=True constructor argument
  • fix test failure by removing unsupported length argument for Text column

0.7.2 (2011-11-01)


  • support for SQLAlchemy 0.5.x has been dropped
  • Python 2.6 is the minimum supported Python version



  • improved PEP 8 compliance (#122)
  • optionally number versions with timestamps instead of sequences (partly pulled from Pete Keen)
  • allow descriptions in SQL change script filenames (by Pete Keen)
  • improved model generation

Fixed Bugs

  • #83: api test downgrade/upgrade does not work with sql scripts (pulled from Yuen Ho Wong)
  • #105: passing a unicode string as the migrate repository fails (add regression test)
  • #113: make_update_script_for_model fails with AttributeError: ‘SchemaDiff’ object has no attribute ‘colDiffs’ (patch by Jeremy Cantrell)
  • #118: upgrade and downgrade functions are reversed when using the command “make_update_script_for_model” (patch by Jeremy Cantrell)
  • #121: manage.py should use the “if __name__==’__main__’” trick
  • #123: column creation in make_update_script_for_model and required API change (by Gabriel de Perthuis)
  • #124: compare_model_to_db gets confused by sqlite_sequence (pulled from Dustin J. Mitchell)
  • #125: drop column does not work on persistent sqlite databases (pulled from Benoît Allard)
  • #128: table rename failure with sqlalchemy 0.7.x (patch by Mark McLoughlin)
  • #129: update documentation and help text (pulled from Yuen Ho Wong)

0.7.1 (2011-05-27)

Fixed Bugs

  • docs/_build is excluded from source tarball builds
  • use table.append_column() instead of column._set_parent() in ChangesetColumn.add_to_table()
  • fix source and issue tracking URLs in documentation

0.7 (2011-05-27)


  • compatibility with SQLAlchemy 0.7
  • add migrate.__version__

Fixed bugs

  • fix compatibility issues with SQLAlchemy 0.7

0.6.1 (2011-02-11)


  • implemented column adding when foreign keys are present for sqlite
  • implemented columns adding with unique constraints for sqlite
  • implemented adding unique and foreign key constraints to columns for sqlite
  • remove experimental alter_metadata parameter

Fixed bugs

  • updated tests for Python 2.7
  • repository keyword in migrate.versioning.api.version_control() can also be unicode
  • added if main condition for manage.py script
  • make migrate.changeset.constraint.ForeignKeyConstraint.autoname() work with SQLAlchemy 0.5 and 0.6
  • fixed case sensitivity in setup.py dependencies
  • moved migrate.changeset.exceptions and migrate.versioning.exceptions to migrate.exceptions
  • cleared up test output and improved testing of deprecation warnings.
  • some documentation fixes
  • #107: fixed syntax error in genmodel.py
  • #96: fixed bug with column dropping in sqlite
  • #94: fixed bug that prevented non-unique indexes being created
  • fixed bug with column dropping involving foreign keys
  • fixed bug when dropping columns with unique constraints in sqlite
  • rewrite of the schema diff internals, now supporting column differences in additon to missing columns and tables.
  • fixed bug when passing empty list in migrate.versioning.shell.main() failed
  • #108: Fixed issues with firebird support.

0.6 (11.07.2010)


Backward incompatible changes:

  • migrate.versioning.api.test() and schema comparison functions now all accept url as first parameter and repository as second.
  • python upgrade/downgrade scripts do not import migrate_engine magically, but recieve engine as the only parameter to function (eg. def upgrade(migrate_engine):)
  • Column.alter does not accept current_name anymore, it extracts name from the old column.


  • added support for firebird
  • added option to define custom templates through option --templates_path and --templates_theme, read more in tutorial section
  • use Python logging for output, can be shut down by passing --disable_logging to migrate.versioning.shell.main()
  • deprecated alter_column comparing of columns. Just use explicit parameter change.
  • added support for SQLAlchemy 0.6.x by Michael Bayer
  • Constraint classes have cascade=True keyword argument to issue DROP CASCADE where supported
  • added UniqueConstraint/ CheckConstraint and corresponding create/drop methods
  • API url parameter can also be an Engine instance (this usage is discouraged though sometimes necessary)
  • code coverage is up to 80% with more than 100 tests
  • alter, create, drop column / rename table / rename index constructs now accept alter_metadata parameter. If True, it will modify Column/Table objects according to changes. Otherwise, everything will be untouched.
  • added populate_default bool argument to Column.create which issues corresponding UPDATE statements to set defaults after column creation
  • Column.create accepts primary_key_name, unique_name and index_name as string value which is used as contraint name when adding a column

Fixed bugs

  • ORM methods now accept connection parameter commonly used for transactions
  • server_defaults passed to Column.create are now issued correctly
  • use SQLAlchemy quoting system to avoid name conflicts (#32)
  • complete refactoring of ColumnDelta (#23)
  • partial refactoring of migrate.changeset package
  • fixed bug when Column.alter(server_default=’string’) was not properly set
  • constraints passed to Column.create are correctly interpreted (ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT is issued after ATLER TABLE ADD COLUMN)
  • script names don’t break with dot in the name


  • dialect support table was added to documentation
  • major update to documentation


  • fixed preview_sql parameter for downgrade/upgrade. Now it prints SQL if the step is SQL script and runs step with mocked engine to only print SQL statements if ORM is used. [Domen Kozar]
  • use entrypoints terminology to specify dotted model names (module.model:User) [Domen Kozar]
  • added engine_dict and engine_arg_* parameters to all api functions (deprecated echo) [Domen Kozar]
  • make –echo parameter a bit more forgivable (better Python API support) [Domen Kozar]
  • apply patch to refactor cmd line parsing for Issue 54 by Domen Kozar


  • apply patch for Issue 29 by Jonathan Ellis
  • fix Issue 52 by removing needless parameters from object.__new__ calls


  • move sphinx and nose dependencies to extras_require and tests_require
  • integrate patch for Issue 36 by Kumar McMillan
  • fix unit tests
  • mark ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN with FOREIGN KEY as not supported by SQLite

  • corrected build

  • add documentation in tarball
  • add a MANIFEST.in


  • SA 0.5.x support. SQLAlchemy < 0.5.1 not supported anymore.
  • use nose instead of py.test for testing
  • Added –echo=True option for all commands, which will make the sqlalchemy connection echo SQL statements.
  • Better PostgreSQL support, especially for schemas.
  • modification to the downgrade command to simplify the calling (old way still works just fine)
  • improved support for SQLite
  • add support for check constraints (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • print statements removed from APIs
  • improved sphinx based documentation
  • removal of old commented code
  • PEP 8 clean code


  • work by Christian Simms to compare metadata against databases
  • new repository format
  • a repository format migration tool is in migrate/versioning/migrate_repository.py
  • support for default SQL scripts
  • EXPERIMENTAL support for dumping database to model


  • patch by pwannygoodness for Issue #15
  • fixed unit tests to work with py.test 0.9.1
  • fix for a SQLAlchemy deprecation warning


  • patch by Kevin Dangoor to handle database versions as packages and ignore their __init__.py files in version.py
  • fixed unit tests and Oracle changeset support by Christian Simms


  • package name is sqlalchemy-migrate again to make pypi work
  • make import of sqlalchemy’s SchemaGenerator work regardless of previous imports


  • setuptools patch by Kevin Dangoor
  • re-rename module to migrate


  • SA 0.4.0 compatibility thanks to Christian Simms
  • all unit tests are working now (with sqlalchemy >= 0.3.10)


  • SA 0.3.10 compatibility


  • Removed lots of SA monkeypatching in Migrate’s internals
  • SA 0.3.3 compatibility
  • Removed logsql (trac issue 75)
  • Updated py.test version from 0.8 to 0.9; added a download link to setup.py
  • Fixed incorrect “function not defined” error (trac issue 88)
  • Fixed SQLite and .sql scripts (trac issue 87)


  • Deprecated driver(engine) in favor of engine.name (trac issue 80)
  • Deprecated logsql (trac issue 75)
  • Comments in .sql scripts don’t make things fail silently now (trac issue 74)
  • Errors while downgrading (and probably other places) are shown on their own line
  • Created mailing list and announcements list, updated documentation accordingly
  • Automated tests now require py.test (trac issue 66)
  • Documentation fix to .sql script commits (trac issue 72)
  • Fixed a pretty major bug involving logengine, dealing with commits/tests (trac issue 64)
  • Fixes to the online docs - default DB versioning table name (trac issue 68)
  • Fixed the engine name in the scripts created by the command ‘migrate script’ (trac issue 69)
  • Added Evan’s email to the online docs


  • Created this changelog
  • Now requires (and is now compatible with) SA 0.3
  • Commits across filesystems now allowed (shutil.move instead of os.rename) (trac issue 62)